Smartbot -
The best bot for Hearthstone !

Powered by the best AI on the market, Smartbot will help you achieve all your goals in the game !

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Why Smartbot is Best

Best AI

Smartbot is powered by the best AI available for HS, you will find it nowhere else !


The bot and its AI are constantly updated, almost everyday !


Thanks to its API, the bot offers a wide range of plugins made by the community !

Climb the ladder easily !

  • Coach mode

    Play yourself but let Smartbot's AI guiding you to legend rank !

  • Statistics

    Detailed statistics to help you find the best Deck in the meta

  • Updates

    Thanks to its constant updates, Smartbot supports a wide range of the last deck archetypes.

  • Human mode

    Customizable human mode (Targetting arrows, thinking phase, emotes, etc)

Quests, Arena, Golden heroes ...

Everything is possible with SmartBot !

  • Arena

    Automatic Arena draft using HearthArena

  • Relogger

    The bot will handle disconnections or any unexpected errors

  • CPU friendly

    Near 0% cpu usage, all calculations are made on SmartBot server

  • Plugins

    A wide range of plugins/profiles/mulligan/extensions made from the community are available on our forums